D.O.B : 04/20/2011




Hips: AK-14334G35M
Elbows: AK-EL2241M35
CERF: Normal
(Waiting on certificate)

Thyroid: Pending

Breeder: Christa

Owners: Jacqueline
Jeter, Darren Hessler,
Christa Bevington
GCh. Ancient Knights Silver Hammer
AK And PH Show'N No Mercy
Ch. Orients Pride Cuore Di Drago
Ch.T'Stone Indian Sumr Kbra Kai
Ch. T'Stone Cut To The Chase Chiheisen
Ch. Akiko's The Ringmaster
Ch. Regalia's After Darq Big Benz
Regalia's Trans Fur
Matsou De Lauclair
B-Line's A Touch of Onyx
B-Line's Hey Babe Finnegan
Ch. T'Stone Cut To The Chase Chiheisen
Ch.T'Stone Indian Sumr Kbra Kai
Ch.Samkita's The One That Counts
Ch. Samkita's The Queen Of Denial
Ch.Big-O Thunderheart of Kokomo
Ch. Masako Mariko-San Foonying
Orients Pride Tonka Tuff OPA
Revelwood Kako
Raja of Tarko
Ch.Mariah's Command In Conquer Cajo
Ch.Samkita Suename's Na-T Angel
Ch.T'Stones Raja Regalia on Buckridge
B-Line's Headin' North OPA
Ch. Serdess The Wizard
Ch.Regalia's Candle In The Wind
Ch.T'Stones Raja Regalia on Buckridge
Ch. Regalia's American Emblem
Cajo's Ladyhawk Stormdancer
Samkita Ina NY Minute Orient Pride
Ch. Orients Pride Sweet N Sassy
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Harrison was one of those puppies that just stood out and
caught your eye. As a young adult he is nothing less than eye
catching!!! Harrison lives with his owner Jacqueline Jeter and
has been expertly handled by Colette Livingston-Keith and Paul